MUST READ! - Important Information

MUST READ! - Important Information


As you are aware by now we are trying to run a contactless entry system into the event, by sending out QR codes. We have had several messages from people theirs does not work, this is down to it not working on all platforms (Apple, Android etc)

If you have had a QR code sent out that does not work or invalid do not worry! We WILL accept this, please just show us at the gate. (Please remember the signal is bad, so please have it ready before you arrive or screenshot the page).

** All codes have been resent, they might take a while to come through. Please bare with us. Thank You **



It is imperative that everyone complete the Track & Track document that have been sent out to you all before you arrive. This would of been sent out via a text message with a link attached. You CANNOT enter the event without this form being completed. 

If you are unsure if you have had this, please email Kevin ( ) and he’ll send it to you to fill out.




Riders and families, anyone in your ‘bubble’ MUST arrive together. If you want to park together you must arrive together. Gates will open at 10:00 tomorrow morning and will close again 22:00. 

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to arrive together, You will be parked in accordance to the social distancing guidelines. This is the new normal and these guidelines allow us to get back racing. Please work with us.

(If you arrive after 22:00 you’ll be allowed inside the gate and you’ll be parked on the lane inside, please do not exit your van/motorhome etc until you are temperature checked in the morning)