In forty years, Talon Engineering has been a part of many historical moments in a handful of different sports. After starting this journey in a small, shared factory, Talon now work out of a thirty-five thousand square foot state of the art factory with more than fifty full time staff!

Back at the start of this journey, Talon primarily manufactured hubs for speedway, and grass track. Following an increasing amount of success manufacturing hubs for those disciplines, we then started to expand our production of hubs to incorporate the motocross market. Talon has also introduced products for other disciplines as well, in recent years.

It is not just our hubs and wheels that we are known for though; our wide range of sprockets has taken the industry by storm – they are each engineered to suit the needs of the user. We are the UK importers of the very popular Italian braking systems and Japanese Excel rims; we distribute RK Chains too, alongside the products that we produce in-house.

The Start of a New Era

Today, Talon exports their popular products to thirty-five countries, with distributors all over the world, in Europe, the United States of America, Japan and Australia. In fact, over seventy percent of our business lies in the export marker. At the moment there are over seventy-five different world champions that ride with the help of Talon parts.

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