Quote from the MXN Lead Medical Officer

Quote from the MXN Lead Medical Officer

To clarify and to support our difficult decision to cancel round 1 this weekend our Lead Medical Officer has written a statement from their point of view:

On the 16th March 2020, our prime minister, Boris Johnson released an updated statement with regards to the management of the COVID-19 Virus. In this statement it was advised to avoid all public gatherings and only travel if essential to do so. It was further stated that Emergency services would not be available to assist public events if they did wish to continue against advice.

Every large scale motorsport event has an incredible amount of emergency and medical planning and part of this plan includes the inter-professional working with local emergency services, hospitals and councils in the event of a major incident. Whilst I’m confident we have sufficient Advanced Clinical Personnel and Ambulance cover at the track, local hospitals and emergency services are struggling with demand and would be unable to assist us in the event of a Major Incident or multiple patient situation.

This would therefor render weeks of medical planning and major incident planning flawed and unacceptable. We continue to deal with the COVID-19 virus as a country and the information remains the same. Anyone who is concerned or displaying symptoms is asked to follow advice from the NHS.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.

Mike Coombes

MX Nationals Medical Lead

Onsite Medical Solutions Limited