Kecks joins the series

Kecks joins the series

We are happy to announce that Kecks has joined the series for 2021.

Kecks will be supplying their latest range of clothing for our MXN TV presenters this season along with the fastest lap* prize for each class at each round.

“I’m really happy to support the Michelin Mx Nationals. It’s a great place for us to find the next upcoming talents of the sport and it’s great to work along with like-minded people who are trying to grow British Motocross.” – Ed Warren, Director



The Kecks concept began in 2018 at a motocross track in Spain. Athletes were riding with loose underwear and suffering Discomfort on the track. We knew we needed to make a product that could be pushed to the limits and still provide comfort, no matter what your day consists of… 

When athleisure meets everyday underwear, the result is a quality product that suits any lifestyle.

Now offering a range of designs, in fabrics specifically woven for breathability and all-day comfort; Kecks is the go-to brand that fits into any daily routine.

This is Kecks.

Kecks supports athletes such as MX Nationals Champion Tommy Searle along with riders like Billy Bolt & Jeffery Herlings!

(The Kecks fastest lap award will be awarded to the rider with the fastest lap in a race during the weekend)