Fastest 40 qualifying update

Fastest 40 qualifying update

This class has certainly created some excitement and nervousness amongst the UKs best.

The most important thing with opening up the Fastest 40 to more riders is that we have the fastest riders on the line. There is no easy way into these races, you have to be fast, really fast, simple as that!

The entry is looking evenly split between MX1 and MX2 with a week to go before the gate drops and for the sake of the championship it will be nice to carry that into the racing itself.

Qualifying for the Fastest 40 at round 1 will be split evenly so that we have 20 MX1 and 20 MX2 riders qualify plus reserves from each class.. The MX1 and MX2 championship are run as separate championships, we will crown 2 champions at the end of the season. What we don’t want is riders moving to 450’s to qualify easier.

It will be interesting what difference this makes to those on the cut line in each class but for round 1 we will see the even class split move on to the races themselves.

The Pro riders will have the usual 20 mins free practice on Saturday afternoon if they fancy a quick spin, then starting a 9am Sunday morning they will have 10 mins free practice before the ‘Timed’ board comes out for 20 mins. 5 mins longer that last season.

See you at Hawkstone.