Catchup Corner | Shaun Southgate

Catchup Corner | Shaun Southgate

Expert MX1 Champion Shaun Southgate had solid year taking to the podium at every round, we caught up with Shaun to discuss 2020…

Expert MX1 MX Nationals British Champion, sounds pretty good to us! (Just talk us through your year etc) 

Sound awesome haha, Yea so Hawkstone came round so quick after the announcement to get back racing. I only was able to ride twice in the three weeks leading up to it, so I went to Hawkstone a bit dubious but never the less just excited we was able to get back racing. Landrake and Cusses was good, ups and downs at those two rounds but stayed consistent, FatCats it all clicked really, I struggled a lot off the mesh at the first three rounds then a FatCats I had four great starts. 

This class year was strong, did you expect it to be that strong?  

Yeah, I kind of did actually, with a growing championship I kind of knew it would be a strong line up. There weren’t just battles up the front, you could be in 10th, in a battle with three riders. For me that’s what made it, you had to ride hard for your position this year. 

Looking back at the results this season you’ve been consistent throughout but exceled in the sandy conditions. I take it you enjoy the sandy conditions a lot more than say our round at Landrake 

Mr consistent! Haha yeah, all four rounds I managed to finish on the podium, Well chuffed with that! I suppose you right, where I am in the country most of the practice tracks are sand. I did actually really enjoy Landrake and Cusses Gorse though, maybe because they both got so rough. I enjoy the tougher conditions say more. I think I excelled at FatCats from riding Jakes (Nicholls) when it’s like a bomb site haha.  

What’s your plans for 2021, staying on big red? 

Yesss! Staying red. Just waiting on the new bike to come actually. Might be delayed now with COVID 2 or Lockdown 2. Will definitely be back again next year for another crack in the experts!