Catchup Corner | Ollie Beamish

Catchup Corner | Ollie Beamish

We caught up with Ollie Beamish as he reflects on all things Farmbikes, Fireworks and finishing the 2020 race season.

First things first, LOAF MOB, explain it for us folk out there that’s doesn’t understand cult…. 

Loaf Mob, the quickest way to explain it is – a group of old mates from down south who ride farm-bikes, love firework wars and film anything that is funny haha. I guess it’s our way of having fun when we are not racing and training and I’d like to think Loaf Mob is at the fore front of the Farm Bike scene in the UK. 

LOAFMOB aside, you’ve had a solid year in the Expert MX2 class, talk us through your year? 

For sure a solid rookie season in the expert MX2 Class. I came into this year on a new bike, new manufacture and new class. this year I wasn’t expecting much being my first adult race season. We started off a bit shaky at the first round after such a long time of no racing for myself and now being in with the “Big boys” as such my nerves got to me you could say, but after round one going into some hardpack rounds which is my type of soil (typical southerner haha) I grabbed a moto win and got myself on the podium every round from then on which was great! Ending second in the championship too, was definitely a cool way to end my rookie season. 

Ollie grabs the start at Landrake

The Beamish name runs deep in British motocross, tell us a little about the tight family setup your guys have, you brother trains you isn’t that right?  

Yes, the Beamish name in the sport of motocross as some will know has been around for many years! Which to me is such a great privilege to have and to be able to carry that name on my back every-time I ride is one of the things that motivates me to keep doing what I love doing and that’s racing dirt bikes. The setup we have with all my family at the racing is what I love, my dad being my mechanic, riding coach and everything else at the race, I wouldn’t change a thing, he’s been there and done it all so I know I can trust him and all the people that he introduces me too in this sport generally speak highly off him which to me makes him a pretty cool dad to have! Off course my mum king chef and biggest supporter all though she cries every time I race haha, I can’t forget her and all she does for my racing. Yes, my big bro Charlie (Former 125 MX Nationals Champion) has been training over the last few years now me with his company – CB Fitness as some may know him by, being my brother, he definitely pushes me to the limit which is what I love. The kid is as absolute animal in the gym, there is no denying that, that’s why I put all my trust with to train me and without sounding too cocky i would hands down say from his training over the last few years there isn’t anyone in my class that trains as hard as we do! 

I guess the most important question is…. MX Nationals Farm Bike Race 2021, are you and the MOB in if we can organize it?  

Man! You know the MOB will be there in full swing! Paul and Neil give us a date all the boys will be ready to put on a show and I’ll make sure we can get the Berksurry smoke boys to join the occasion as well! – thanks for a great year of racing even through these uncertain times, top job guys. thanks, Ollie.