Catchup Corner | Charlie Heyman

Catchup Corner | Charlie Heyman

After a perfect season we caught up with Mr 100% Charlie Heyman.

What a season you’ve had! All 16 race wins and pole in qualifying at every round, it couldn’t have gone any better! Talk us through the year in your eyes.  

Yes, was a textbook season really, managed to stay fit and injury free all season with no bike issues. I knew I was going to be strong as I had worked so hard training on and off the bike in the off season.  

We know you’ve been riding a 125 for a while now, how’s it is going? Will we see you back in 2021?  

I felt instantly comfortable with the 125 and actually found it easier than the 85, I’m happy with my speed and progress and looking forward to start back riding. We will be back at the MX Nationals next season.  

We’ve seen you shredding on the MTB, what’s the plan for the rest of the off season? I spent a lot of time training and having fun on the MTB, it keeps you sharp whilst being unable to ride the MX bikes. I’m riding the pit bike a lot and still keeping the off bike training up and not slacking!!! Really looking forward for next season on the 125.