Catchup Corner | Ben Franklin

Catchup Corner | Ben Franklin

Last Qualifier to Overall Winner, Ben Franklin had some year in the Pro MX2 class, we checked in with Ben and discussed 2020…

Ben, fourth overall in the Pro MX2 class for 2020, are you happy with that or did you want more? (Tell us a little about this season)  

Overall, I am happy with finishing 4th considering the strange year we had, and this being my second season Pro, I would have liked to finish in the Top 3 in the championship and that was my goal but I’m still happy. I think this season has been a strong and consistent with my results and each round I felt like I improved a little bit more.  

From the last qualifying spot in MX2 at round one to the overall win at FatCat! That’s some progression over the four rounds, you’ve got to be happy heading into 2021?  

Qualifying isn’t my strong point in riding and I have always struggled with it and I work so hard during the week and off season to become stronger at it, and I feel like I have improved but I know and the people know around me it doesn’t come naturally to me. Yes, I’m excited for 2021 and I am happy and confident I have good people and a good team around me and Tim doesn’t put any pressure on me or my riding, and to me that’s such a big thing because I just want to ride my bike and do my best. 

 For 2021 are you keeping the same program with Chambers racing and staying in the MX2 class? 

 Yes, I’m still staying with Chambers Racing in the MX2 class, this is my 4th season with the team and I’m looking forward to what 2021 brings for me and the team!