2022 Registration - The Info

2022 Registration - The Info

You may be thinking “2022…already, we’ve just finished the 2021 season” and yes your correct but in true MX Nationals fashion we think sleep is for the weak and we are going full steam ahead into 2022 from NOW!

So, “How do I register for the 2022 season”… well, read closely and you’ll wonder no more.

2021 registered riders that have supported the series this year will receive an email in the coming days giving them the option to reserve a spot for 2022. You have until the 20th September to let us know if you would like a place or not. After the 20th September places will be opened up to new registrations.

New riders that want to join the series for 2022 should email your name, class and rider number to info@mxnationals.co.uk now to register your interest. places will be released on a first come first served basis when opened after the 20th September.

Thanks again for a good 2021, lets make 2022 even better.