2021 News & Dates

2021 News & Dates

You might of seen by now the news regarding 2021, if not we’ll try and explain it in a few brief bullet points, we’ll also link the video below for you you to watch.

Here we go a few key points regarding 2021!

  • The Live Stream with be FREE! Yes FREE!
  • We are going for a ‘Quality over Quantity’ approach for 21′.
  • Our 2021 Classes will be..
    • Open 85
    • Youth MXY1 and MXY2 – Racing Together
    • Clubman MX1 and MX2 – Racing Together
    • Amateur MX1 and MX2 – Racing Together
    • Expert MX1 and MX2 – Racing Together on the Sunday
    • Fastest 40 – Pro MX1 and MX2
  • The Pro’s will race both days! Saturday & Sunday.
  • The Pro’s will have their own capacity class races on Saturday with the Experts (eg Pro MX2 & Expert MX2) then the Experts & Pro’s will be back to the 2019 format for the Sundays racing. The Fastest 40 (Pro MX1 & MX2 Combined) & Experts (Expert MX1 & MX2 Combined). EXPLAINED HERE

Here are our dates for 2021:

3rd/4th April – Hawkstone Park

24th/25th April – Desert Martin

29th/30th May – Fatcats

3/4th July – Cusses Gorse

7th/8th August – Landrake

11th/12th September – Canada Heights