Q. Can I hire a transponder?

A. You can hire a transponder from us at the time of signing on. Transponder hire is £10 plus a £20 refundable deposit.

As you come off the track after your last race a member of the MXN team will be there to take your transponder off you. You can then come to the organisers office to have your £20 refunded.

Q. Do I need a Nora license?</span<

A. Yes, MX Nationals is run under Nora rules. If you don’t have an Nora license then a weekend license is available for £10 on the day.

To apply for your 2021 license please follow this link –


Q. Do I need to be a registered rider?

A. Registered riders benefit from reduced entry fees per round and preferential treatment when booking in. Remember we only have 40 spaces in each class, so wildcard entries are available if spaces are left after the closing date.

Q. Am I good enough to race at the MX Nationals?

A. The MX Nationals showcases the best riders in the UK. If you are of a good national standard then come and try your hand and see how you fair against the best in the country. Adults can start in the Elite Clubmen championship and work their way up through Experts to Pro Level.

Q. What time does racing start?

A. Racing starts on Saturday at 11am and on Sunday at 10am

Q. Are all the UK’s best riders there?

A. Yes, the MX Nationals has all the best riders in the UK from the youth small wheel 85 class to full GP Pro riders.

Q. What if I want to race in the European Championships in the Future?

A. No problem, If you want to race in Europe, this is the perfect stepping stone. Getting used to tracks of this level will be invaluable as you continue to gain speed and remember at the MX Nationals you are showing your talent to many of the UK’s top teams that will take you there!