2022 Michelin Cup

What is the Michelin Cup?

The Michelin Cup was launched in 2015 and won by Heads and All treads Suzuki rider Greame Irwin. Since then its been one by the likes of Ike Carter 2016 Small Wheel, Rossi Beard 2017 MXY1, Joel Rizzi 2018 MXY1 and Tyler Hooley 2019 Small Wheel.

As we head into 2022 the championship format remains untouched. This is a championship that is open to any rider at the Michelin MX Nationals that uses Michelin tyres. Points will be gained, no matter what class you ride in and the rider with the most points at the end of the season will take home the Michelin Cup and a fantastic Michelin tyre sponsorship package. This is the first time that the Small Wheel 85’s can race against the Pro’s for the same prize.

How do I take part in the Michelin Cup?

Firstly you need to register for the Michelin MX Nationals and enter each round. After that it is as simple as turn up to the line for race 1 of the weekend with Michelin tyres on your bike and you will automatically be entered into the Michelin cup championship. There is no extra cost to enter the Michelin Cup, it is a win win situation.

What can I win?

First prize will be a full tyre sponsorship package from Michelin 12 rear tyres and 6 front tyres plus lots of Michelin goodies. Not to mention the impressive Michelin Cup.

Graeme Irwin Michelin Cup Winner
Graeme Irwin Michelin Cup Winner

Second Prize will be 6 rear tyres and 4 front tyres

Third prize will be 4 rear tyres and 2 front tyres.

We will also present some individual round by round prizes, details to follow.

Tell me about the Michelin range of tyres available for MX?

To see the full range contact your nearest Michelin MX dealer or take a look at Michelin Tyres