Apico Become a Main Sponsor of the MX Nationals

As part of the companies drive to get behind British Off-Road Motorsport, Apico Factory Racing will be one of the main sponsors for the Michelin MX Nationals for 2021.

After attending all rounds of the MX Nationals in 2020 with Apico Husqvarna, both of the Apico Directors were impressed with the level of investment and protection the team behind the MX Nationals had put in place to be able to run the series. This was part of the reason why Apico decided to support the Championship in 2021.  

Dylan Brown “I had to take my hat off to Paul Irwin and the team behind the MX Nationals, as a passionate and determined effort was put on to make sure people had a chance to go racing in 2020. The costs involved, without a gate return from spectators, shows the commitment of the MX Nationals organisers in putting events before profit. I’m looking forward to the season with our team and fingers crossed, seeing people from the industry and spectators again. The last 12 months have been hard on everyone and I’m hoping we can all enjoy going racing once more”.

Anna Eriksson “In what was a tough year, we were able to go racing in a safe environment. I was impressed with the professionalism and how well the MX Nationals events were managed. It’s important to support U.K. racing in these times and be visible as a brand at events. I’m looking forward to the season and Apico’s extended event programme in promoting grassroots and professional racing”.

The race series will be available for live streaming on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch and is free for viewers to watch. If you miss the live feeds, the events can be viewed on YouTube. Alpha Live will be providing coverage at the events and judging by their work from the 2020 season, viewers will be in for a good show.

Scott Cannon “The package presented by the MX Nationals was very straightforward. It was clear to see what benefits were available to potential sponsors of the series. This made the decision a very quick and easy one to make. With video adverts throughout the live coverage, strategically placed trackside banners, branding and social media coverage being part of the deal, the value for Apico is evident”.

The MX Nationals attracted a full field of Pro British Team and Riders in 2020 and has retained these for the 2021 season. With the first MX Nationals round planned for 3rd/4th April at the iconic Hawkstone Park venue, this will be the catalyst for Apico’s sponsored events programme in 2021.

Paul Irwin “