Lyng Day 1 - Race 2 Results

And that’s day one done and dusted! Here are the top 10 results from the second block of racing… Don’t miss out on the race action and make your way over to Cadders Hill, Lyng for tomorrows racing. Tickets are available here:


Small Wheel 85:

1st: Ben Mustoe

2nd: McKenzie Marshall

3rd: Warren Clarke

4th: Beau Brown

5th: Keelen Hope

6th: Tyla Hooley

7th: Fin Wilson

8th: Harrison Greenough

9th: Dylan Meaney

10th: Billy Askew


Big Wheel 85:

1st: Sam Atkinson

2nd: Bailey Johnston

3rd: Joe Brookes

4th: Ollie Colmer

5th: Charlie Palmer

6th: Thomas Harris

7th: Arai Elock

8th: Tye Jones

9th: Boston Gilbert

10th: Kayde Rayns



1st: James Smith

2nd: Bobby Bruce

3rd: Ryan Mawhinney

4th: Louie Kessell

5th: Oliver Beamish

6th: Buster Hart

7th: Billy Wilson

8th: Ethan Sills

9th: Jack Parker

10th: Callum Baldwin



1st: Ike Carter

2nd: Kyle McNicol

3rd: Kacey Hird

4th: Aaron Patstone

5th: Ryan Thompson

6th: Andrew Pohlen

7th: Ben Clark

8th: Lewis Taylor

9th: Lewis Wood

10th: Billy Wynn


Clubmen MX2:

1st: Brad Thornhill

2nd: Harry Fletcher

3rd: Toby Lightbown

4th: Guy Prince

5th: Adam Pearce

6th: Lewis King London

7th: Elliot Cook

8th: Ben Thomson

9th: Ben Wainwright

10th: Rory Wooton


Clubmen MX1:

1st: Stephen Kelly

2nd: Luke Oldfield

3rd: Danny Townsend

4th: Alex Christopher

5th: Bradley Maddever

6th: Dan Holiday

7th: Keith Noble

8th: Harry Foster

9th: Jack Youngs

10th: Callan Stevenson


Expert MX2:

1st: Ben Clark

2nd: Joel Rizzi

3rd: Sam Nunn

4th: Jordan Keogh

5th: Jansen Day

6th: Aaron-Lee Hanson

7th: Scott Hamilton

8th: Stephen Kelly

9th: Ben Burridge

10th: Kieran Yorke


Expert MX1:

1st: Jason Meara

2nd: Gavin Stevenson

3rd: Richard Bird

4th: Jack Bramell

5th: Brad Cavill

6th: Ryan McLean

7th: Aaron McCaroll

8th: George Simmutch

9th: John Robson

10th: Zac Stealey