Hawkstone Park Day 2 - Race 4 Results

And that is it! Round 2 is officially done and dusted and what a good one it has been. We’ve had a beautiful sunny weekend, topped off with some awesome race action and now there is only one thing left to do and that is get ready for our Hawkstone Experience tomorrow (Monday Easter Bank Holiday).


A big thank you to all our riders, teams and track crew and staff that have put in a lot of work throughout the weekend and of course our spectators for joining us! We’ll see you at the next one.


Here are the top 10 results from the second block of racing…


Clubmen MX2:

1st: Harry Fletcher

2nd: Guy Prince

3rd: Sam Howland

4th: Brad Thornhill

5th: Lewis King London

6th: Ben Thomson

7th: Adam Pearce

8th: Ben Wainwright

9th: Toby Lightbown

10th: Elliott Pugh


Clubmen MX1:

1st: Daniel Ashmore

2nd: Stephen Kelly

3rd: Aiden Christie

4th: Luke Oldfield

5th: Danny Townsend

6th: Dan Holiday

7th: Keith Noble

8th: Jez Bailey

9th: Adam Hayward

10th: Bradley Maddever


Small Wheel 85:

1st: McKenzie Marshall

2nd: Billy Askew

3rd: Harrison Greenough

4th: Tyla Hooley

5th: Warren Clarke

6th: Shaun Mahoney

7th: Joshua Vail

8th: Fin Wilson

9th: Ashden Barlow

10th: Keelen Hope


Big Wheel 85:

1st: Sam Atkinson

2nd: Bailey Johnston

3rd: Arai Elock

4th: Thomas Harris

5th: Charlie Palmer

6th: Tye Jones

7th: Drew McCreamer

8th: Joe Brookes

9th: Raife Broadley

10th: Charlie Reynolds



1st: Ryan Mawhinney

2nd: Louie Kessell

3rd: James Smith

4th: Oliver Beamish

5th: Ethan Sills

6th: Luca Pegg

7th: Jack Parker

8th: Callum Baldwin

9th: Harry Barker

10th: Ryan Mundell



1st: Ike Carter

2nd: Kyle McNicol

3rd: Kacey Hird

4th: Ryan Thompson

5th: Ben Clark

6th: Konrad Dabrowski

7th: Billy Wynn

8th: Lewis Wood

9th: Andrew Pohlen

10th: Ben Clayton


Fastest 40 MX1

1st: Harri Kullas

2nd: Mel Pocock

3rd: Lewis Tombs

4th: Nathan Watson

5th: Ryan Houghton

6th: Gert Krestinov

7th: Jake Millward

8th: Jake Shipton

9th: Robbie Dowson

10th: Nathan Dixon


Fastest 40 MX2

1st: Martin Barr

2nd: Josh Gilbert

3rd: Todd Kellet

4th: Ashton Dickinson

5th: Brad Anderson

6th: Glenn McCormick

7th: Liam Knight

8th: Taylor Hammal

9th: Ben Franklin

10th: Callum Mitchel


Expert MX2:

1st: Ben Clark

2nd: Charlie Putnam

3rd: Aaron-Lee Hanson

4th: Jordan Keogh

5th: Max Ingham

6th: Jansen Day

7th: Josh Peters

8th: Sam Beresford

9th: Stephen Kelly

10th: Scott Hamilton


Expert MX1:

1st: Gavin Stevenson

2nd: Jason Meara

3rd: Ryan McLean

4th: Richard Bird

5th: Joe Clayton

6th: Brad Cavill

7th: Zac Stealey

8th: Josh Bentley

9th: Edward Briscoe

10th: Aaron McCaroll