Youth riders kick sand at Hawkstone MX Nationals

Youth riders kick sand at Hawkstone MX Nationals

The third round of the increasingly-popular Michelin MX Nationals headed to one of the riders’ favourite tracks, the famous Hawkstone Park circuit in Shropshire over the bank holiday weekend.

The predicted rain and thunder storm held off until the last two laps of the final Pro race – which fortunately allowed all youth races to run in the dry.

The 85s were the first youths out, with the small-wheel riders doing battle with the big-wheels. BW85 competitor Ryan Mawhinney was in dominant form winning both races with a sizeable margin; 15 seconds in the first and a whopping 23 seconds in the second. Alfie Jones and Ethan Lane rounded out the top three in each race. In the SW85 group, Ollie Colmer got the better of racing-rival Bailey Johnston in race one, taking the win with a gap of just under six seconds. Roles were reversed in race two when Johnston won the class ahead of Colmer by just under three seconds. Ben Mustoe took third in the first race, and Arai Elcock made it to the top three in the second.

MXY1/2 swiftly followed the youngsters. Aaron Lee Hanson, Callum Green and Josh Peters were top dogs in the MXY2 category race one, with Green consigning Hanson to second in race two and Peters maintaining consistency with another third. In MXY1 Adam Kovacs took two class and race wins – beating the 250cc riders – with Dominic Lancett and Bobby Bruce second and third in the first, whilst Bruce’s RFX Crescent team-mate Joel Rizzi took second in the next race and Lancett third. Rizzi crashed in the first race and cruised the remainder of the race to collect valuable championship points.

On the Sunday, MXY2 was all about Green with two wins ahead of Hanson and Denny Rapson. And then Rapson and Peters in the final race. In MXY1 Lancett and Kovacs shared the winners’ spoils with RFX Crescent’s Rizzi taking two seconds.

In the smallest capacity class, a delighted Colmer beat racing rival Johnston in the final race to take his first overall of the season. In the BW sector, Mawhinney took a third and first place to take the overall on the day.



Race 1. 1. Aaron Lee Hanson, 2. Callum Green, 3. Josh Peters

Race 2. 1. Green, Hanson, 3. Peters

Race 3. 1. Green, 2. Hanson, 3. Denny Rapson

Race 4. 1. Green, 2. Rapson, 3. Peters

Overall: 1. Green 72 points, 2. Hanson 69, 3. Peters 55

Championship: 1. Hanson 246 points, 2. Green 235, Peters 196


Race 1. 1. Adam Kovacs, 2. Dominic Lancett, 3. Bobby Bruce

Race 2. 1. Kovacs, 2. Joel Rizzi, 3. Lancett

Race 3. 1. Lancett, 2. Rizzi, 3. Kovacs

Race 4. 1. Kovacs, 2. Rizzi, 3. Kyle McNicol

Overall:  1. Kovacs 95 points, 2. Lancett 82, 3. Rizzi 70

Championship: 1. Rizzi 245 points, 2. Dylan Spenser 187, 3. McNicol 182


Race 1. 1. Ryan Mawhinney, 2. Alfie Jones, 3. Ethan Lane

Race 2. 1. Mawhinney, 2. Jones, 3. Lane

Race 3. 1. Sam Atkinson, 2. Jones, 3. Mawhinney

Race 4. 1. Mawhinney, 2. Jack Grayshon, 3. Lane

Overall: 1. Mawhinney 95 points, Jones 80, Atkinson 76

Championship: 1. Mawhinney 252 points, 2. Grayshon 235, Buster Hart 182


Race 1. 1. Ollie Colmer, 2. Bailey Johnston, 3. Ben Mustoe

Race 2. 1. Johnston, 2. Colmer, 3. Arai Elcock

Race 3. 1. Johnston, 2. Colmer, 3. Mustoe

Race 4. 1. Colmer, 2. Johnston, 3. Charlie Reynolds

Overall: 1. Colmer 94 points, 2. Johnston 94, 3. Reynolds 72

Championship: 1. Johnston 266 points, 2. Colmer 227, 3. Elcock 197

Pictured: Revo Husqvarna’s Ollie Colmer achieved his first overall win of the MX Nationals 2018 season