MX Nationals sizzles at Sherwood

MX Nationals sizzles at Sherwood

The fourth round of the Michelin MX Nationals, held on one of the hottest days of the year, proved to be a testing one for the track crew and riders. With soaring temperatures, coupled with a ‘welcome’ breeze stirring up the dust, the track team were on constant watering duty, whilst the eight classes of riders battled exhaustion and dehydration.

The ‘Nationals’ follows a set format of racing on the Saturday at all rounds and so the Expert MX2 riders were first out with Jason Meara making a worthwhile trip from Northern Ireland to set fastest time in qualifying and take both race wins. In the first race, he battled from second to last to take the win ahead of Charlie Putnam by just 0.649 seconds, with Ben Clark in third. In the second, he was in a class of his own, taking the lead early on and the win by 12.362 seconds in front of Joe Cadwallader and Clark. Meara’s elder brother John took the Expert MX1 race one win, with a significant margin of 9.164 seconds ahead of championship leader Richard Bird and Brad Cavill. Race two saw the same top three but with a different order of Bird, Cavill and Meara.

The first of the youth groups were out next with the combined Big Wheel and Small Wheel 85s. Ryan Mawhinney cleaned up in both races in the bigger-wheeled category whilst, in the small wheels, Bailey Johnston and Ollie Colmer shared a win apiece. The second youth category were the MXY1 and MXY2 runners. Having qualified fastest with a time of 1:44.069, Joel Rizzi went on to take third and second, with Callum Green taking both wins. Aaron-Lee Hanson and Samuel Nunn both featured in each race with, respectively, a second and third.

The final races of each block saw the Clubman MX2 and Clubman MX1 racers out separately. In race one, Harry Foster, Fabio Rizzi and Charlie Razzell took the top three places, with Callan Stevenson, Foster and Rizzi taking the honours in the second race. In the biggest class of the day, namely the Clubman MX, Harry Fletcher was the only rider in the top three in each race. He won the first moto ahead of Jamie McCarthy and Joe Walklett and in the second, finished in second place behind Aiden Christie and in front of Guy Prince.

After an exhausting day of non-stop racing, all riders will be looking forward to a good rest before it all starts again tomorrow the 1st of July at 9.30am when the Fastest 40 Pro MX1 and MX2 riders take to the fast-flowing Sherwood track for timed practice.

Expert MX2

Race 1: 1. Jason Meara, 2. Charlie Putnam, 3. Ben Clark

Race 2 : 1. Jason Meara, 2. Joe Cadwallader, 3. Ben Clark

Expert MX1

Race 1: 1. John Meara, 2. Richard Bird, 3. Brad Cavill

Race 2. 1. Richard Bird, 2. Brad Cavill, 3. John Meara


Race 1: 1. Ryan Mawhinney, 2. Ethan Lane, 3. Buster Hart

Race 2: 1. Ryan Mawhinney, 2. Jack Grayshon, 3. Charlie Heyman


Race 1: 1. Bailey Johnston, 2. Ollie Colmer, 3. Arai Elcock

Race 2: 1. Ollie Colmer, 2. Boston Gilbert, 3. Arai Elcock


Race 1: 1. Callum Green, 2. Aaron-Lee Hanson, 3. Denny Rapson

Race 2: 1. Callum Green, 2. Aaron-Lee Hanson, 3. Denny Rapson


Race 1: 1. Joel Rizzi, 2. Dominic Lancett, 3. Samuel Nunn

Race 2: 1. Joel Rizzi, 2. Samuel Nunn, 3. Sam Price

Clubman MX2

Race 1: 1. Harry Foster, 2. Fabio Rizzi, 3. Charlie Razzell

Race 2: 1. Callan Stevenson, 2. Harry Foster, 3. Fabio Rizzi

Clubman MX1

Race 1: 1. Harry Fletcher, 2. Jamie McCarthy, 3. Joe Walklett

Race 2: 1. Aiden Christie, 2. Harry Fletcher, 3. Guy Prince

Pictured: #19 Bailey Johnston and #6 Ollie Colmer took a win apiece in the SW85 class.