Changes at the top for MX Nationals round 4!

Changes at the top for MX Nationals round 4!

The fourth round of the Michelin MX Nationals British Championship welcomed a record crowd and blazing sunshine to the well-groomed Sherwood MX circuit. Changes at the front of the hard-charging Fastest 40 made for excellent racing, and the fast-flowing track ensured the racing was tight throughout all ten classes.

Elliott Banks-Browne (Geartec Husqvarna) set out his stall in morning timed qualifying with a time of 1:39.505, edging out racing rival and long-time pal Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda) by just .002 of a second. He then went on to take both Pro MX1 race wins, ahead of Nicholls with two second places and Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Honda) with two thirds. In the MX2 class, Buildbase Honda’s new recruit Josh Gilbert, was fastest throughout the day, and right in the thick of it with the MX1 riders. He took pole, and two wins with Revo Husqvarna’s Martin Barr and Lewis Tombs (Putoline Planet Racing) behind him in the first race, with Tombs and Brad Todd (JK I-Fly Yamaha) chasing him in the second. Barr struggled with front tyre/mousse issues in the second race and pulled in for safety reasons.

Elsewhere in the action-packed MX Nationals; Jason Meara cleaned up in the Expert MX2 class with pole and another two class wins, whilst his elder brother John took a second and third in Expert MX1 to finish second overall. Harry Foster and Fabio Rizzi shared the spoils in Clubman MX2 with Foster taking the overall and Rizzi second. Harry Fletcher and Jamie McCarthy won a race each in Clubman MX1 and Fletcher took the overall.

In the Youth ranks, Callum Green reigned supreme with two fine wins and the overall in the MXY2, whilst RFX Crescent Yamaha’s Joel Rizzi smashed out a second and a win to secure the overall in the MXY1 class. Ryan Mawhinney slipped off the podium in the third of the BW85 races, but his performances in the other three were enough to give him the overall. Bailey Johnston and Ollie Colmer continued their intense set of battles in the SW85 category; Bailey won both races today, but Colmer’s storming performance yesterday was enough to gift him a hard-fought overall.

The fifth round of the Michelin MX Nationals heads south east to the challenging Canada Heights circuit in Kent over the weekend of the 14th and 15th of July 2018.


Pro MX 1

Race 1. 1. Elliot Banks-Browne, 2. Jake Nicholls, 3. Gert Krestinov, 4. Micky Eccles, 5. Ryan Houghton, 6. Liam Knight

Race 2. 1. Elliot Banks-Browne, 2. Jake Nicholls, 3. Gert Krestinov, 4. Ryan Houghton, 5. Liam Knight, 6. Dan Thornhill

Overall: 1. Banks-Browne 50 points, 2. Nicholls 44, 3. Krestinov 40, 4. Ryan Houghton 34, 5. Liam Knight 31, Dan Thornhill 29

Pro MX 2

Race 1. 1. Josh Gilbert, 2. Martin Barr, 3. Lewis Tombs, 4. Brad Todd, 5. Alexander Brown, 6. Taylor Hammal

Race 2. 1. Josh Gilbert, 2. Lewis Tombs, 3. Brad Todd, 4. Alexander Brown, 5. Robbie Dowson, 6. Taylor Hammal

Overall: 1. Josh Gilbert 50, 2. Lewis Tombs 42, 3. Brad Todd 38, 4. Alexander Brown 34, 5. Taylor Hammal 30, 6. Glenn McCormick 25

Clubman MX2

Race 3. 1. Harry Foster, 2. Charlie Razzell, 3. Callan Stevenson

Race 4. 1. Fabio Rizzi, 2. Harry Foster, 3. Charlie Razzell

Overall: 1. Harry Foster, 2. Fabio Rizzi, 3. Charlie Razzell

Clubman MX1

Race 3. 1. Harry Fletcher, 2. Jamie McCarthy, 3. Aiden Christie

Race 4. 1. Jamie McCarthy, 2. Scott Bates, 3. Harry Fletcher

Overall: 1. Fletcher, 2. Guy Prince, 3. McCarthy


Race 3. 1. Jack Grayshon, 2. Charlie Heyman, 3. Ethan Lane

Race 4. 1. Ryan Mawhinney, 2. Jack Grayshon, 3. Ethan Lane

Overall: 1. Mawhinney, 2. Grayshon, 3. Lane


Race 3. 1. Bailey Johnston, 2. Ollie Colmer, 3. Ben Mustoe

Race 4. 1. Bailey Johnston, 2. Ollie Colmer, 3. Boston Gilbert

Overall: 1. Colmer, 2. Johnston, 3. Gilbert


Race 3. 1. Callum Green, 2. Denny Rapson, 3. Kacey Hird

Race 4. 1. Callum Green, 2. Aaron-Lee Hanson, 3. Denny Rapson

Overall: 1. Green, 2. Hanson, 3. Rapson


1Race 3. 1. Samuel Nunn, 2. Joel Rizzi, 3. Dominic Lancett

Race 4. 1. Joel Rizzi, 2. Samuel Nunn, 3. Adam Collings

Overall: 1. Rizzi, 2. Nunn, 3. Sam Price

Expert MX2

Race 3. 1. Jason Meara, 2. Ben Clark, 3. Joe Cadwallader

Race 4. 1. Jason Meara, 2. Charlie Putnam, 3. Ben Clark

Overall: 1. Meara, 2. Clark, 3. Putnam

Expert MX1

Race 3. 1. Brad Cavill, 2. John Meara, 3. Richard Bird

Race 4. 1. Josh Bentley, 2. Brad Cavill, 3. John Meara

Overall: 1. Cavill, 2. Meara, 3. Bird